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Provide your plants with enough water

Finally it’s summer, finally it’s nice weather. (As far as the weather can be nice in this wet country). Spanish and Italian people wear a jacket when it is 25 degrees or lower, but we can be happy if we even reach this temperature. It is often colder and somewhat wetter here. But be careful, because it can stay dry for a week. That is very nice, of course, but the plants in the garden have a bit more trouble with it. Plants and trees need a lot of water. They get water out of the ground with roots, but it can happen that there is not enough water in the soil. If this is the case, the trees and plants will dry out. For example, they lose their leaves or turn yellow. If there is no water in the ground, you will have to take care of this yourself. You have to bring the water to the plants. This is called irrigation. 

To provide the plants with enough water, you need water pumps. There are different water pumps. One is the borehole pump. Under great pressure of 4 bar this pump can bring water to a great depth. You can easily install the pump in a water source. If the water in the well is empty, the pump will be protected against this. It is suitable for about three sprinkler installations and is therefore particularly well suited for home use.

If you choose a good brand pump, you can best go for the tallas. The pump is small but powerful. You can set the pump to different water levels. You can apply the switch cable to the pump in different places. It can pump clean water, rain water or ground water. It is made from stainless steel, so you will not have to care about de quality and sustainability.