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Improve your home with complete confidence

If you are thinking of improving your home, adding insulation, perhaps a new kitchen, a wine tasting room, installing new windows and doors but are worried about unscrupulous traders and the quality of their work, then you should lok into the verious consumer protection schemes that are available.


If you use an approved company that are carefully selected for professionalism, reliability and high quality of work then you van feel assured that the improvements on your home will be done with complete confidence.


Consumer Protection Association 



Incognito Heat Co underfloor heating installers Glasgow are accredited by the CPA so you can be assured that for underfloor heating you have found a trusted tradesmen to carry the  work on your home or commercial property. The CPA also provides a range of consumer protection schemes and services to support householders before, during and after the home project.


Renewable energy consumer code


When underfloor Heating systems are connected to renewable heat generating appliances, they really come into place as far as sustainability is concerned. Whilst fossil fuels have been used traditionally, renewable energy sources are increasingly being used. Underfloor heating on it’s own is already much more energy efficient than conventional heating systems because it runs at a much lower temrerature setting for the same roontemperature and comfort level. As more and more home owners, property developers and social housing associations are realising this it is good to know that there is now the RECC or the renewable energy conumer code that assures the highest standards of service.



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Incognito has been installing underfloor heating in Scotland for over 10 years now and complies to the Renewable Energy Consumer Code or RECC. The RECC recognises that most people are not experts in renewable energy technologies and need help in working out which is the most suitable system and how to get the best from it. The code covers various technologies including heat pumps that are usually connected to underfloor heating systems. 


The code advises people to follow these tips:


    • make sure to get at least three quotes before deciding to contract a company


    • read the guidelines before you sign the contract or pay a deposit


    • never pay more than 25% up front and make sure it is protected


    • remember that you can cancel a contract withinn 14 days when it was signed with a company represenbtative in your home


    • make sure you receive any estimate of the output from the system and the finacial benefits from it clearly in writing before you sign it


    • make sure any testimonials are genuine by contacting the people yourself


You can find more detail about the Renewable Energy Consumer Code on their website: RECC.