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Better security with long range RFID

Security is of the utmost importance to maintain when you live or work in an area that is restricted. Security guards and security cameras are positioned in all the weak spots of the restricted areas to keep an eye on it for nefarious behavior. Another way security in these kinds of places is controlled is by controlling the access of vehicles coming in and out of the area. There are many ways this is done such as access cards or simply having a security guard keep an eye on the vehicles entering and exiting. 

Unfortunately, these methods can be easily compromised. Although these methods do work, there is a better and more sophisticated method to control vehicle access to a restricted area. This method is the long range RFID. The long range RFID is a technological system that can scan any vehicle that is permitted to be on the premises and be used to grant those vehicles access. This technology already has proven to be a great asset to areas that need some good security. Continue reading to learn a bit more about the long range RFID.

The inner workings of the long range RFID

The great thing about the long range RFID is the simplicity of its inner workings. When you think of a technology that uses radio frequency identification (which is what RFID stands for), you might think it’s complicated, but it is not. The long range RFID uses electromagnetic fields to be able to track the object it’s meant to track. It does this using just three different entities that make up the whole: The tag, the reader, and the antenna. 

The RFID tag gets attached to all the permitted vehicles and the reader that gets connected to or integrated with the antenna will be placed at the entrances and/or exits of the restricted area. When the vehicle with the tag gets close enough, the antenna will send out a radio signal to the tag and the tag will send a signal back with the identification information which will then be picked up by the RFID reader. Depending on the information of the tag, the long range RFID will grant access to the vehicle or deny it. This is all done automatically.

The benefits of the long range RFID

The whole process of RFID tracking, identifying, and granting access to the vehicles being done automatically is one of the biggest benefits this system brings. Limiting human error regarding the security of a restricted area is very useful. In this age of technology, there are many ways to bypass our typical security measures. Upgrading your security with the long range RFID will make sure the safety of the area becomes stronger than before. Because the long range RFID is automatic, it will also give access a lot quicker than the traditional ways of vehicle access. There will not be a chance of traffic congestion with this system.

Long range RFID will make sure the vehicle access security becomes stronger, and faster, have no human error, and is efficient. Other than that, it is also user-friendly! What more can you ask for?