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A Teflon lining company can make a difference for your business

Patrian Equipment, a specialized Teflon lining company based in Belgium, offer measured solutions for a wide variety of industrial clients. Is your company niched in the petrochemical, chemical, food, power or pharma industry? Then this Teflon lining company can help you. Their production methods reduce energy loss, guarantee a longer than usual lifespan, faster project time and minimalize the risk of harmful corrosion. A low installation cost, easy maintenance and low process costs are other benefits of this Teflon lining company with a lot of experience.

Explore the different applications

You can make use of this Teflon lining company for the following industries and their specific targets and applications:

  • Bio diesel: requires corrosive media to neutralize when the production process ends.
  • Chemical industry: bromine, caustic soda, hydrochloric acids or anti-static linings and coatings.
  • Pharmaceutical: approved linings without contamination, so they maintain the purity of the end-product.
  • R&D laboratories: wave breakers, column internals, pipes, filters, seals and more.
  • Semi-conductor industry: aggregates in fabrication and design of semi-conductors.
  • Water treatment: polymers or fluorpolymers lining is the perfect alternative to expensive and harmful metals. The linings of this Teflon lining company have a higher output and purity.

Insulated pipes, PTFE applications and supports are the areas of expertise of Patrian Equipment. Do you want to discuss the possibilities of this business? Read more below on how to get in touch with them.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more advice

Does your business require a specific approach? Or do you want to know more about the products? Whatever your type of question is, the co-workers of this Teflon lining company are here to help you. Ask for more information or personalised advice. Simply phone them to get started, send them an e-mail with your questions or leave your personal details via the online contact form.