Nowadays we have a lot of devices that need to be on. Therefore, the right energy solution is needed. Think about your TV remotes, electrical toothbrushes and kitchen scales to alarm clocks, toys and torches. For all these devices, the double A battery delivers the right amount of energy. They can be used to power numerous applications in your household. Are you looking for a reliable partner to get your batteries from?

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Many shapes and sizes

Take a look at the online assortment from 100%PeakPower and discover all the different shapes, sizes and types they have. That way you are able to always offer the most suitable power source. All their batteries are available in AAA, AA, C, D and 9V. With many different options such as Alkaline, Carbon Zinc and Rechargeable, there’s always a right option for you. No matter which battery you need, with 100%PeakPower you always get 100% performance, for a long time. Keep your household running and buy the double A battery online. At 100%PeakPower they deliver orders above £15 free of charge. Have you ordered a double A battery pack before 3 pm today? Then you will receive your order tomorrow.